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Guinep Ocean Mineral Cocktail 4-Pack

Guinep Ocean Mineral Cocktail 4-Pack

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Guinep is the go-to non-alc cocktail for modern drinkers with cool things to do in the morning. Instead of booze, it's made with Deep Ocean Minerals that ease stress and elevate mood. It's Infused with the essence of the Caribbean Guinep fruit for a complex, aromatic, and crave-able flavor. It has zero sugar, calories, carbs, or anything artificial so you can enjoy the night AND look forward to the morning. Think of it like the sexier, classier, tastier, NA version of Wh*teclaw ;-)



0.0% ABV


Carbonated water, Natural Monk Fruit Extract (contains erythritol), Natural Guinep Flavor, Deep Ocean Minerals (includes magnesium, potassium, calcium, rubidium and 70 others), Plant-sourced Citric Acid

Nutritional Info:

Cals: 0

Carbs: 8g

Sugar: 0g



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