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Brella Garden Party Drops

Brella Garden Party Drops

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Garden Party is a picnic in Lincoln Park. Charcuterie and some of those small pickles. Sunglasses that look expensive. Early Summer and Chicago just hit 80 for the first time, the whole city is out. When you need a break from the heat but aren’t ready to call it quits.

Brella’s Garden Party is a refreshing splash of wild lavender and juicy citrus with an undertone of botanicals that you know but can’t quite pick out.

15 drinks in each bottle



0.0% ABV


Natural Flavors, Water, Citric Acid, L Theanine, Sucralose, Sweet Potato, Sodium Benzoate

Nutritional Info:

Brella uses natural flavors and colors 

100mg of L Theanine in every serving

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